Issue #20 – Summer 2019

(The Landscape (exercise…), by Игорь М)

Liminality: A Magazine of Speculative Poetry
Issue 20 – Summer 2019

Table of Contents

Editorial (with actual news!)  –  Shira Lipkin

In the Waning  –  Margaret Wack

This Permanent Now  –  Jennifer Crow

Holloways, Green Lanes, and the Old Straight Track  –  Oliver Smith

The Goddess of Time  –  Wendy Howe

Bartleby in Lyon  –  L.M. Feinstein

Treason  –  Shana Ross

Silver Tongue  –  Alice Fanchiang

Pearling  –  Hal Y. Zhang

Red Carpet  –  Sarah Grey

Baby, I’ve Been Having Bad Dreams  –  Jessica Dawson

Mystic Cascades  –  Mack W. Mani

Loaf Mass  –  Hayley Arrington

AXIAL TILT  –  Madina Malahayati Chumaera

David Wojnarowicz vs. Entropy  –  Jim Stewart

Fallen But Not Down  –  Sarah Cannavo