(Bud of hexagram 61)

M.C. Childs

The wind ripples a melt-water tarn.
A submerged structure quivers the waves:
A space-bornsilver cell
of scientists  refracts, reflects,
awash in calculations,
and makes inquiry of Eden’s faint winds-

Tasting the planet’s air and water
for deadly salts          or other sins;
Listening      to the star
for flares       or furies;
Weighing     the moons’
probable pull on the tides of man.

Should we grangersuncurl orbit;
Mud on our hands;sun on our faces;
How will the farm  work the farmers?

M.C. Childs’ poetry has recently appeared in Asimov’s Science FictionASIMAbyss & Apex, Focus, Liminality and many others. His award-winning urban design books include The Zeon Files: Art and Design of Historic Route 66 Signs (UNM Press 2016), Urban Composition (Princeton Architectural Press 2012), Squares: A Public Space Design Guide (UNM Press 2004).  He is a Fulbright Senior Scholar and an associate dean of architecture at the University of New Mexico.  He lectures internationally on story and placemaking, public art and public spaces, and context analysis.