Hexagram 64: Taste the Salt

Hexagram 64: Taste the Salt
M. C. Childs

The cold crushing crossing done;
places named, plans                                                                           penciled, maps folded,
starship milled into landers
(leavening for a honeyed planet);
taste the salt of                                                                                    one last orbit.


In 2015 and ’16, M.C. Childs’ poems have been selected by Asimov’s, Leading Edge, Locus, The Martian Wave, Scifaikufest, and Space & Time. He is also the author of “Composing Speculative Cities” (Analog, April 2016), “Learning from New Millennium Science Fiction Cities,” (Journal of Urbanism, March 2015). His award-winning books include The Zeon Files: Art and Design of Historic Route 66 Signs (UNM Press 2016), Urban Composition (Princeton Architectural Press 2012), Squares: A Public Space Design Guide (UNM Press 2004). He is an associate dean of architecture at the University of New Mexico, and was on the M.I.T. tiddlywinks team.