Fusion Dream

Fusion Dream
Laurinda Lind

Bones that were sleeved
up to the elbow with light
reached across a dead earth
so they could make more
marrow, so they could lock
to the land and we could try
to be strong. Tomorrow we’ll
fan across the waking country
in feathers that are colored
like everything, like wings
or sleeves of wind, as if we
brought a second heart
to hold the kinds of things
that could only say pain.


Laurinda Lind keeps ending up back in northern New York State. Previous poetry publications and acceptances include Antithesis Journal, Ascent, Barbaric Yawp, Cold Mountain Review, Communion, Comstock Review, Constellations, Ellipsis, Haight Ashbury Literary Journal, Indigo Lit, Lucidity, Mobius, Plum Tree Tavern, Ship of Fools, Silver Birch Press, TriggerfishUproot, and Veil.