The Well

The Well
Alex Harper


I’ve got my ticket for the well, tomorrow,
where the enchanted water’s drawn.

Uh good luck with that my brother says,
who believes a narrow band of truth

that doesn’t include magic or angels
or the dead appearing at those places

that cast off the veil of the ordinary.
But I believe, and that is why I’ll go, and drink,

and maybe the departed will come back
for a moment, seen waving in the distance,

or an angel take my hand for half a minute,
or just the water’s spell that tastes of hope

and I’ll return radiant and see and breathe
the wide and shining world, alive again.


Alex Harper’s poetry has appeared in Mirror Dance, Kaleidotrope, Eye to the Telescope, and Cordite Poetry Review, among others, as well as three previous appearances in Liminality. He lives in England and can be found online at and on Twitter as @harpertext.