Splinter Song

Splinter Song
Romie Stott

angry as an acid dress, cannibal
angry as cloves
arrow bent as it leaves the bow
whistle		swim		target
angry as a stump

angry like a bear in girl clothes, porridge stolen
slashing fish from a river
guzzle		bellow		bullethole
angry as a bradawl

angry as shank meat
angry as tar
as mulberries barefoot
braids dipped in lacquer

angry like green sky, loud as an oncoming train
sudden on a summer's day	            howling
all for you.


Romie Stott is a writer and narrative filmmaker who is best known for her work withStrange Horizons, Arc, the ICA Boston, and Jonathan Lethem’s Promiscuous Materials project. Her writing has most recently appeared in Daughters of Frankenstein, The Billfold, Punchnel’s, and Farrago’s Wainscot. Her online portfolio is at romiesays.tumblr.com and she posts daily SF microfiction at postorbital.