Matryoshka Doll

Matryoshka Doll
Jessica Dawson

One man holds me in his hands
and marvels at my wide eyes,
my pastel skin. He wants
to know if I am that shade
He rips me open to get
a better look before
I learn to scream.

Another man picks me up
and likes how easy I am
to manage. If I could stay
this little forever, he promises
to never let me go.

The last man grabs me up
as an afterthought, a well used
trinket with no secrets. He already
knows my tricks, has seen what I do:
I can fit in his mouth
I could choke a baby.

Jessica Dawson is from central Florida. She has a degree in psychology, volunteers as a rape crisis counselor and is the mother to a sweet tuxedo cat named Laser Tag. She currently resides in Chicago, IL and only has two tattoos.