Editorial – Summer 2019

Well, I don’t know about you, but we pretty much went straight from winter to summer. Maybe we’ll get a spring next year? But it’s warm, and the days stretch like taffy, so here: we’ll start you off with a meditative mood. There’s some adventure within, but we’ll set you down gently at the end.

Before that, the update: Mattie Joiner is on indefinite sabbatical to work on their own writing. I’ve actually been doing the last few issues solo while Mattie took a much-needed break, but the break has become official; for now, Mattie is an Editrix Emeritus. I wish them peace and happiness and, from writer to writer, productivity! I love their writing and am greedy for more of it, and will tweet as their work becomes available.

And, above all else, gratitude. I wanted to get into editing a poetry magazine, and was looking for the opportunity to guest-edit a magazine, but those opportunities are thin on the ground (and now I see why – we’re going to skip a submission period again because we have such a surfeit of great poems!). One day, Mattie and I were wistfully discussing it, and I realized – I know how to do this. I don’t need an apprenticeship. I do need a co-editor, because my body is unreliable (vascular EDS among other things). So I said “Hey Mattie – want to start a magazine?”

And we did.

Our fall issue will mark five years of Liminality.

Thank you, Mattie, for going along with my big ridiculous idea. I know you thought it was a joke at first. But see? We made a good thing, and I’ll take it from here until your road bends back toward it.

And to everyone – if anyone reads this; holler if you do! –

You don’t need anyone’s permission to go out and do something big and bold. You can decide right now to start something wonderful.

But read the issue first!

— Shira, on a quest for an interesting sun hat