Na Na Na   Na Na Na Na

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na
Ian Hunter

Everyone knows the Banana Splits theme tune
Everyone of a certain age, that is
Some band did a cover version
Was it The Dickies?
Or maybe another punk group starting with The
Making a fast song even faster
Urgent, frantic, driving bass and guitar
Desperate to be finished
moving on to something else
A whole world to burn

There was a cartoon within the show
Set in ancient times
A magician in a turban holding up his arms
crying “Size of an elephant!”
or strength of a bear
Speed of a jaguar, if they are even that fast.
Me, I would choose scent of a skunk
Not to send bank robbers gasping
into the sunlight
or subdue a supervillain
just to keep everyone back
give me some space, some peace.

Ian Hunter was born in Edinburgh and still lives in Scotland. He is a children’s author, short story writer, editor and poet, and his poems have appeared in magazines in the UK, USA and Canada. For the last ten years he has been poetry editor for the British Fantasy Society and he is also a member of the Glasgow SF Writers Circle.