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Please help support Liminality! Here are some options to do so!


A  subscription to Liminality is $20.

Sponsorship Levels

$5: Your name will be listed on our Sponsors page.

$10: Sponsor a poem directly! You’ll be listed on our Sponsors page and thanked in that issue’s editorial.

$25: Your pet is our mascot for the issue! Send us a pet picture and a brief bio to grace the page of that issue’s editorial.

$100: Sponsor an issue! Be an epic patron of speculative poetry! You’ll get all of the appreciations listed above, and we’ll work out something special with that issue’s editorial.

Want to give us more money? Oh, please do. Contact us at liminalitypoetry AT, and we’ll figure out something fun.

Many thanks to our wonderful sponsors Sheeri Kritzer Cabral, Jennifer St. Clair, Greg D’Arcy, Robert & Fern Smolowitz, Jana Lepon Spencer, Grey Walker, Elizabeth Westphal, Christina Whitehead, and Anonymous!

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