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In anthropological terms, liminality is the midpoint of a ritual: the threshold where a person is no longer quite who they were, not yet who they might become. In between masks, what face might you have? What might you be in transit? Where will you go? Everything is possible in that moment; change is its own goal. Liminality is the space between.

Liminality is an online quarterly magazine of speculative poetry edited by Shira Lipkin (co-founded and co-edited through our third year by Mattie Joiner). We are very pleased to meet you. We’re looking for speculative literary poems that touch the heart as much as the head; poems of the liminal, the fluid, and the fantastic. We’d love to see work that shifts shape, refuses to be to be easily pinned down or categorised. We actively welcome diversity; we want to hear new as well as established voices. Tell us tales we thought we knew, the way only you can tell them. Give us new myths.

Liminality pays $10 per poem, for first worldwide publication rights and non-exclusive anthology rights. 

We are currently open to submissions. 

We will be open:
April 1 – May 31
July 1 – August 31
October 1 – November 30

To submit, send up to five poems to liminalitypoetry AT with the subject line “SUBMISSION – [your name]”. Please include your poems in the body of the e-mail; if you have formatting that makes that untenable, you may attach the poem as an .rtf. You may send up to five poems per reading period. We do not accept reprints or simultaneous submissions. (If the poem has been publicly viewable online, yes, it would be a reprint.)  “Dear Editor”, “Dear Shira”, and “Dear Mx. Lipkin” are all fine as forms of address.



28 responses to “Submission Guidelines

  1. Barbara Lightner

    Do you accept simultaneous submissions? Previously published? Thanks.

  2. Hi there- I’m running a project called “Today, in the News,” which posts a poem a day based on a news story every day for a year. I do a lot of speculative work and was wondering if you considered something on a blog (the project keeps a daily archive) to be “previously published.” Some folks do, some folks don’t, just don’t want to waste your time.

  3. Yes, if it’s publicly viewable, we do consider it previously published. Poetry on a friends-locked journal or password-protected website would be okay.

  4. Is it alright to use a pseudonym? And do you have to be a legal adult to submit? Thanks.

  5. I considered submitting a style of poetry known as black-out poetry, that uses already printed pages, usually from old books, to limit the diction and formatting options. Certain words are highlighted to create one disjointed work within another. My concern and question is whether it could displayed as it was intended within the page, not transcribed.

  6. If I have a poem that is currently published on an online website, will you accept its submission?

  7. Hi, I was wondering if you could provide a more detailed outline of the rights you want to buy?

    • First worldwide: Liminality would be the first place where your poem publicly appears.
      Non-exclusive anthology: If we publish a collection of poetry from Liminality, we’d like to be able to include your poem! Non-exclusive means that, after your poem has appeared here first, it can be anthologized anywhere. We don’t need first or exclusive anthology rights.

  8. A question, do you prefer plain text with formatting indicated as _/*/etc, or is HMTL formatting okay in the email? Thanks!

  9. editorial-esoterica

    Would a longer, epic poem project in serial format be possible?

  10. Dear Shira & Mattie- do you accept artwork/ photography? thanks!

  11. H. E. Riddleton

    Inquiry: Perhaps, I have misunderstood the previous queries, but if I am published by you, will I be able to be published under my pen name?

  12. Are you interested in collaborative works, poems with accompanying illustrations?

  13. Baishampayan Seal

    Dear Mx. Lipkin–are you interested in seeing works from outside the anglophone world? Also, do you accept artworks/photography? How can they be submitted? Thanks!

    • I absolutely am! Art and photography are welcome as long as they accompany a poem. 🙂 Usual address:

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