moss covered

moss covered Amber Bird
this is where i rest, on breath and promise, light filtered through old longings and spent worries. why wake and dislodge the memories balled in my throat, the roots that wrap my ribs and pull me up from earth? no myths follow me, no more than rumours or the narrow eyes of shop girls and fattened crows. my magic dissolves when my eyelids rise and leaves fall from my fingertips. i am simply mad with twigs in my curls and dirt beneath my nails. i dump pebbles from my shoes and cough out dust; my skin cracks and crawls. i pray “God, let me be a willow or something with flowers,” but my tongue is too rough and my limbs too thick. every day i roll away from water and search my back for new growth, for proof i am more than what i see. sometimes i am sure i feel budding in my heart or even just someone small choosing me as home, but the wind drives out and i am grounded. i crave old miracles, chase cast out gods to cities or shopping malls, but feel my toes retract and knees draw in. really, i am circuit-traced but dream myself a greener future.


Amber Bird isn’t always sure she’s comfortable with being human; being a rockstar/writer/actor might be her way to escape that whilst pulling you through your own humanity. She’s a scifi girl with a soft spot for Tolkien and modern urban fantasy. Head in the clouds, heart in the stars, feet not quite on the ground… (Find Amber online at and

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