Song to Symmetry

Song to Symmetry
Avra Margariti

If my calculations are correct
it will be several blue whale lifetimes
and star funerals before we meet again.
It used to be that we could spend our endless darkened days
curled up together at the bottom of the ocean
that ninety-odd percent that to this day remains undisturbed.
We were nautili in our shells, a love song to symmetry
til the waves, in all their erosive wisdom,
tore us asunder, bringing one of us
into a mathematician’s curious hands, the other
into a small child’s treasure box.
The red string of fate between us is frayed by salt
but the threads will keep.
I have no doubt that we will find our way back together.
Everything, eventually, is claimed by the ocean.

Avra Margariti is a queer Social Work undergrad from Greece. She enjoys storytelling in all its forms and writes about diverse identities and experiences. Her poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in Vastarien, Asimov’s, Eye to the Telescope, Star*Line, Glittership, Arsenika, and other venues. You can find her on twitter @avramargariti.