Issue #26 – Winter 2020-21

(Utah Desert Monolith by Patrick A. Mackie)

Liminality: A Magazine of Speculative Poetry
Issue #26 – Winter 2020-21
edited by Shira Lipkin

Table of Contents

Editorial   –   Shira Lipkin

More Noise Than the Wind and the Rain  –  Amelia Gorman

A Newborn Thing  –  Annie Neugebauer

Cartography –  Sarah Cannavo

The Child-Eating Forest Speaks Its Mind  –   Bruce Arthurs

The ten categories of being believed by Aristotle   –  Ursula Whitcher

Make Believe  –  Navya Dasari

Andromeda’s Lament  –   Gretchen Tessmer

Creon’s Apology  –  Maya Chhabra

For Iris  –  Eve Morton

A Frozen Heart  –   Sarah Cannavo