Eurydice Confesses

Eurydice Confesses – Sylvia Santiago

They have it all wrong.
Nymphs are carefree, never careless. Stepping on that serpent was no mistake.
Anything to escape Orpheus
the endless strumming, his infernal singing.
How I longed to break the lyre over his golden head.

I prefer the songs of the Underworld.
The murmur of souls, swaying on the bank of the Styx. And Cerberus, muzzles snuffling softly in sleep.
Persephone misses her family, and often asks me to tea. Better still, Hades has a library.

Sylvia Santiago spends her days working in Libraries & Cultural Resources at a Canadian university. Her nights are reserved for writing and other questionable activities. She has poetry forthcoming in Uncanny Magazine and prose forthcoming in Immersion: A Speculative Fiction Anthology.