If You Find Me Out

If You Find Me Out
Toby MacNutt

Lift me in your arms, lightly
like a child, a seedling fey.
Carry your changeling under a wide sky
down to the waters,
and let them hold me.

Waves as my cradle
rock me singing,
swaying, coaxing songs
lapping at my buoyant body.
The current takes the husk away,
my little boat. It’s gone.

I give the sky my name,
and I come home.


Toby is a writer, dancer, and teacher based in Burlington, Vermont. In between times, ze can usually be found knitting something. Hir poetry and short stories have been published by or are forthcoming from places like inkscrawl, Through The Gate, Capricious, and The Future Fire. You can tweet Toby at @tylluan or find out more about hir arts at tobymacnutt.com.