Force Nine

Force Nine
M. Darusha Wehm

Merciful Poseidon rises from the sea
rivulets pouring from his chiseled body
his erection reflected in the trident
loosely held in his palm

(this isn’t porn to me
a sea-god with a hard-on
is ridiculous, but hey
whatever floats your boat)

He surveys his watery realm
seaweed hair streaming back in the breeze
tops of the waves breaking around his bulk
the salt taste of spume in the air
Why have you returned?
The gods were murdered eons ago by
circuits and laboratories
factual knowledge the new soul of wisdom

He is, of course, a metaphor
a metaphor for angry nature
not a desire to return to an age of ignorance
a respectful appreciation of classicism
or even an excuse
to picture a perfectly naked fantasy man
with an enormous dick

this is a poem about climate change

Darusha writes speculative fiction and poetry as M. Darusha Wehm and mainstream work as Darusha Wehm, and is the author of nine published novels, several poems and many short stories. Originally from Canada, Darusha currently lives in Wellington, New Zealand after spending the past several years sailing around the Pacific.