Baby, I’ve Been Having Bad Dreams

Baby, I’ve Been Having Bad Dreams – Jessica Dawson

I am dripping red on a pile of donated silver coat hangers
& I just don’t want to die in old underwear
(sorry, your kind of help hurts)

rounding up the mistakes rounding slowly under my navel
counting back to the night with anxiety that crawls down
my arms and sleeps in my fingertips where this miracle
I don’t love would hang its head and stare at me forever

(sorry, what I meant to say was)
This open wound is souring the moments
in the future you could have loved me.

Jessica Dawson is from central Florida. She has a degree in psychology, volunteers as a rape crisis counselor and is the mother to a sweet tuxedo cat named Laser Tag. She currently resides in Chicago, IL and only has two tattoos.