Issue #23 – Spring 2020

 (Willoughby, by David Dyte, Empty New York series, 3/21/20)

Liminality: A Magazine of Speculative Poetry
Issue 23 – Spring 2020
edited by Shira Lipkin

Table of Contents

Editorial   –   Shira Lipkin

Chaos Theory   –  Gretchen Tessmer

Inscription on a Ruined Plinth  –  Tristan Beiter

Honeycombed  –  Cheryl A. Van Beek

Fig Wasp  –  Isabella J. Mansfield

A Dish Best Served  – Lisa Timpf

gnats in my head – Ashley Bao

The Awakening: A Witch in Four Acts  –  Tara Kustermann

Spell Thief  – Hester J. Rook

Strangleknot  –  Rita Chen

Daughters Saving Mothers  –  Holly Lyn Walrath

Homecoming  –  Sarah Cannavo

Self-Portrait as Seoul  –  Jimin Lee

A Thousand Voices  –  Avra Margariti

Black Water, Black Bones  –  Michelle Muenzler

A Song from Bedlam (with apologies to Christopher Smart)  –  Nike Sulway

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