Issue #17 – Autumn 2018

(Basileia, by Caitlyn Kurilich)

Liminality: A Magazine of Speculative Poetry
Issue 17
Autumn 2018
Edited by Shira Lipkin

Editorial – Shira Lipkin

The Dryad’s Lament for Autumn” – Kendra Cardin

Athenadora” – Kat Riddell

Lilac” – E. Kristin Anderson

Dead-Eye Girl” – Holly Lyn Walrath

The Story that the Small Thing Tells” –  Eloise Mitchell-Smith

Advice to a Villain” – Mary Soon Lee

Gone” – Beth Cato

Unpacking” – Bethany Powell

Smoking with the Dead” – Kim Peter Kovac

The Sea-Wolf of Brittany” – Deborah L. Davitt

Anagolay, Goddess of Lost Things” – Gita Ralleigh

Beach Community” – Gabriel Ostler