Editorial – Autumn 2020

Our pandemic summer draws to a close, and we bring you a drawing-in of autumn. This comes with some apprehension; here in America, the pandemic is in no way under control, and retreating indoors is dangerous. That and the election dread are shadowing the season. I hope that, if you’re not reading from America, things are better where you are. I hope that everyone reading this is doing as well as they can be.

Wear your mask. Hunker down. This isn’t close to over, and I want to see you on the other side.

This, another double issue for another anniversary (our sixth!), is an issue of bodies and passages and journeys, of change and of quiet. Grab a warm beverage of your choice, settle in, and stay a while.

And for the poets reading this: our next submission period will begin January 1, 2021. Hope to see you then.

This issue’s cover art is “Carousel”, by Caitlyn Kurilich.